Who is she?


Medium Nergis Aydın was born in Manisa in 1970. Her first years in childhood passed in Bozcaada, an island embraced by the natural beauties and adorned with a clear sea in a unique nature.

Arriving in Istanbul with her family in early years of her youth, Nergis Aydın met her life partner in Istanbul and has two sons.

Leading her life for a short time in İsparta, Nergis Aydın returned back to Istanbul after she started to be together with the Powers granted herself.

Leading her life for a short time in İsparta, Nergis Aydın returned back to Istanbul after she started to be together with the Powers granted herself.

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Yapılan tüm çalışmalar için, danışan gizliliği esastır. Danışanlar ile ilgili hiçbir bilgi üçüncü şahıslarla paylaşılmaz. Danışanlarımla ilgili çalışmalar süresince özel hayatın gizliliği esasınca kendileriyle yalnızca ben iletişimde bulunurum.

Yapılan çalışmalar tamamen danışanın durumuna özgüdür. Danışanın durumuna göre çalışma süreleri ve biçimleri değişiklik gösterebilir.

Danışan ile görüşme yani bakım yapıldıktan sonra çalışma takvimi tarafımca belirlenir. Allah’ın izniyle belirlenen takvimin sonunda danışan konuyla ilgili tüm sıkıntılarından kurtulur.

Danışanla ilgili tüm işlemler devam ederken, sorun ortadan kalkana kadar iletişimde kalmaya, manevi destek vermeye ve yüz yüze görüşmeye devam edilir.

Yapılan tüm çalışmalar Allah’ın izniyle ve benim vesilemle yapılmaktadır. Unutmayalım ki, Allah(c.c.) istemezse tek bir yaprak bile kıpırdamaz.


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Medium Nergis Aydın can also help her clients about magic. However; it should be known that Medium Nergis Aydın never practices magic! Any kind of practiced spells can only be reversed completely with the occasion of Medium Nergis Aydın.

What is magic, then?

Magic is a word that means ‘to affect’ and its Arabic equivalence is spell. As is told in Verse no. 102 of Al-Baqarah Surah (The Cow) in Koran, it is taught to the world by two angels, called Harut and Marut. It was even cast a spell over our master the Prophet Hz. Muhammed (SAV).

Following the cast of spell over our Prophet, Al-Falaq (The Dawn) and An-Nás (Mankind) Surahs were revealed. In verse no. 4 of Al-Falaq, Allah (cc) orders that ’I take refuge in You from the evil of wizards blowing on knots’ This is why it is required to take refuge in almighty Allah from the evil of wizards.

Especially after this spell cast over our Master the Prophet (SAV), it was strictly forbidden by Islam religion to make a spell or have someone cast spell over. Today magic is still performed by many people who are sufferers of evil powers and human souls. Magic is an effect performed by means of djinns. Magic can be done with the help of many objects such as hair, bristle, feather or part of cloths that belong to a person. There are many kinds of magic methods other than these.

If there is no object that belong to the person for whom magic will be done, spell can also be cast over the name of that person. Wizards use things such as lard oil, bat blood, lizard, and grave soil, bone of dead person, sheep gut, donkey tongue and hangnail to do magic.


Some types of magic are as follows and could be reversed by Djinn Sultan called Semhuriş by means of Medium Nergis Ayan with the permission of Allah (c.c.).

  • Priest spell

  • Binding spell

  • Disuniting spell

  • Spoon spell

  • Soap spell

  • Spell performed with menstrual blood

  • And many other spells like this


The first condition to cancel the effect of a spell is to determine where how and when such spell was cast over. This authorization was only granted to Sultan of Djinn, called Şemhuriş by Allah (c.c.).

This is why reversing spell and praying performed by other mediums and preachers are ineffective since above mentioned authorization was only granted by Allah (c.c.) to Şemhuriş.

Medium Nergis Aydın, at this exact point, can reverse the worst spells which are considered to be impossible to break without persecuting those helpless people by means of means of Şemhuriş.


Unknown by many people, the operation called as locking or armouring is in fact performed only by the contribution of Medium Nergis Aydın in order to protect people from djinn visits and/or spells.

Locking authorization was only granted by Allah to Şemhuriş, the sultan of djinn. Medium Nergis Aydın also helps people about locking/armouring.


Locking is severely recommended against casting spell over someone especially after spell reversing operation is executed to that person who has suffered magic, in order to protect that person from the likelihood of jinxing again so that locking should be a shield. It should be remembered that the person will be undefended against new spells or djinn visits if locking is not performed after the spell is reversed.

Different than all these operations, locking can also be performed in order to protect those people without any problem, who have not been cast spell over, from future djinn visits or likely spells.

People who are in good financial position can also have locking made in order that their works keep going well against the likelihood of unfortunateness spell to be cast over them.


Medium Nergis Aydın also helps for those people who are visited by Djinns. What is to be primarily known is that Djinns generally visit people as a result of spells cast over by ill-minded people. Apart from this, Djinns can also automatically visit people if they step on litter, urine, ash, and in similar cases.

What is Djinn, then?

Djinns are creatures without a mass and volume, existing (living) in this nature with human beings but in another dimension.

As stated in Koran, djinns were created from fire without smoke.

Allah (c.c.) orders in Koran in Verse no. 56 of Zariyat Surah in meaning that “I created those Djinns and people only that they serve for me.”

We learn from Koran once more that the first ancestor of Djinns is a creature called CANN. “Created Cann from a pure fire as well.” (Surah Ar-Rahman verse no. 15)

That Allah (c.c.) created Djinns just as human beings was informed us in this way. Of course, it should be mentioned that human beings are the most honourable living creatures among those created.

Djinns have a high capacity of mobility, they can appear to some people however they like. They are also classified as believers and non-believers (Muslims and Non-Muslims) as people.

A Muslim djinn do not harm people.

Djinns are also from the world and sometimes we live together with them without knowing. They harm people as a result of spell or it is based on the result of visiting someone.


Djinns generally affect people entering into their sub-conscious. Or, they visit by entering into hıuman body and start live together with that person.

Bad djinns may bodily appear you as a result of bad spell or to make you frightened when an activity occurs to harm them. You can hear voices from somewhere which are heard by nobody. Door knocking while sleeping at night, flushing of lights, hearing water flow from the taps and hearing baby cries are also indications of djinn visit. Known as night terror in public, the discomfort that makes people immobile at nights, gives distress which is too obtrusive to breathe mainly stems from such djinn visit.

Apart from these, financial unfortunateness experienced in daily life, being in anxiety all the time, not being able to get married etc. may arise out of djinn visits.


The absolute solution to solve djinn visit is to burn those djinns annoying. Once again, the burning operation of such djinns completely belongs to ŞEMHURİŞ upon authorization by Allah (c.c.) in djinn visit treatment. Medium Nergis Aydın contributes by means of Şemhuriş to people who suffer djinn visit, to get out of this problem definitely.

Without bawling out, giving harm to patient and flying at the patient, Medium Nergis Aydın burns annoying djinns by means of Şemhuriş with the help and authorization of Allah (c.c.) giving no harm or pain to the patient and it can be clearly and exactly said that this is the definite solution of djinn visit in the universe. All methods promised to be performed other than this may be temporary solutions, however; they lead to greater problems afterwards.


Medium Nergis Aydın helps people with medical problems. Medium Nergis Aydın comes into play in cases where Medicine has the last word, where it is told ‘’There is nothing to do any longer‘’ and people are helpless.

Well then, How does medium Nergis Aydın help people who consult and seek for help in the field of medicine? What makes her different than other mediums?

These treatments, considered impossible by medicine are carried out by sultan of djinn called Ebu Yusuf who was written by Allah (c.c.) to medium Nergis Aydın in the line of destiny. The difference of medium Nergis Aydın from other mediums is on this exact point. The only creature on the world who was authorized to carry out treatment in health is Ebu Yusuf and he only helps people with Nergis Aydın.


He accepted Islam between the hands of our Master the Prophet Hz.Muhammed (SAV). The old name of servient of Djinn Surah Ebu Yusuf before accepting Islam is Mureh. The name, Ebu Yusuf was granted himself by our Master the Prophet (SAV).

One of the saint-like djinns specified in initial verses of Djinn Surah, Ebu Yusuf is the head, sultan of Djinn family. A person is assigned as an agent for the ability to be a remedy for helpless people, which was granted by Allah to Ebu Yusuf. It is Nergis Aydın’s turn for this task today! Owing to the fact that nobody can invoke Ebu Yusuf, through summoning genie as he is the sultan of Djinn, You can only have Ebu Yusuf perform your treatment via medium Nergis Aydın.


In which areas in health does Medium Nergis Aydın help clients?

  • Herniated Disk

  • Cervical discal hernia

  • Migraine

  • Epilepsy (Fit)

  • Gastric ulcer

  • GOUT

  • Celiac (Gluten)

  • Thyroid diseases

  • Vascular diseases

  • Prostate diseases

  • Calcification

  • And other diseases for which a cure not found…

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